❀ fading away ❀」

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details of the picture:
skin applier: more more jade
hair: [lcky] mello new @crystal heart

dress: altair* miko dress .red. maitreya new @japonica

sudare: -7- b.v sudare (black) new @japonica
yatai: -15- b.v yatai (red) rare new @japonica
chochin: -9- b.v chochin stand (stripes) new @japonica
kazagurum: -3- b.v kazaguruma new @japonica
butterfly 1: air_tefutefu_7)red_cm new @japonica
butterfly 2: air_tefutefu_1)black_cm new @japonica
butterfly 3: air_tefutefu_2)black2_cm new @japonica

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