Comission List

Hi, future client, before we start it there's something I need to make clear: I prefer to work with people that have a similar taste of fashion, so I can use my creativity and make you proud of it.
So, I don't want you to spend your money on something you don't like, just make it easier for both of us. If you procceed I'm going to accept the fact that you enjoy this 'way of fashion' and enjoys stuff like me. Okay, next step if it's fine for you...


Normal pictures:
1400L$ for a single picture. 
2100L$ for a couple picture.
 If you want me to create the scene just like my pictures, you'll have to pay more 300L$.

1600L$. You can tell me as you want it or let me choose it as I wish, if you want me to create more than one I can give you a good price.

I'm going to need 2/4 days to give you your picture after I contact you, so be patient. Bring your own pose, but we can make it work and make you feel confortable about the picture if you never made it before, I can try to find something. Hope that's okay, and if it's you can contact me inworld searching for: Lunat1c Secretspy. If you don't find me online leave a notecard, IMS get capped. Hope we get in touch.


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