❀ french girl ❀」

details of the picture: 
skin: vco ~ lovely vampire 002
hair: miwa's airship \ hair#02 1 new @limit8 (only 200 copies)

suit: {vincue} rompy+suit [maitreya] new @collabor88

stove: amala - stove - cream - rare new @the arcade
corner piece: amala - corner piece (1) new @the arcade
countertop: amala - countertop 2 (1) new @the arcade
sink: amala - sink - rare new @the arcade
clock: junk. pigeonhole clock. new @the arcade
frame: junk. plan de paris. new @the arcade
waffle machine: amala - waffle iron - white new@ the arcade
eggs: amala - carton of eggs new @the arcade
grinders: amala - clipboard and grinders new @the arcade
weighing machine: amala - baking scales - white new @the arcade
cutting board: amala - vegetable cutting board new @the arcade
jug of flowers: amala - antique jug of flowers - pink new @the arcade


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