❀ winter days ❀」

details of the picture:
skin: vco ~ lovely vampire 002

shirt: miwa's airship -over sweater #green new @forest event
skirt: miwa's airship -over knit skirt #white new @forest event

wagon: 1 [[rh]] holiday cafe-wagon rare soon @the arcade
paper shelf: 5 [[rh]] holiday cafe-wrapping paper shelf soon @the arcade
shoes ornament: 17 [[rh]] holiday cafe-shoes ornament soon @the arcade
side table 1: 13 [[rh]] holiday cafe-side table with net (red) soon @the arcade
side table 2: 13 [[rh]] holiday cafe-side table (red) iron soon @the arcade
dog w/ lights: jian holiday huskies :: tangled lights rare soon @the arcade
dog inside gift: jian holiday huskies :: pupper present rare soon @the arcade
tree: kalopsia - gabriel's metal tree soon @the arcade
sock: kalopsia - gabriel's burlap sock soon @the arcade
garland: kalopsia - carol's bows garland - red new @tannenbaum
barrel: kalopsia - carol's barrel bottom rare new @tannenbaum


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