❀ these 90's girls are dangerous ❀」

details of the picture:
skin: vco ~ nini skin gacha_ 001

foolby 1: curemore / 90's splash! / foolby / lilac new @rewind event
foolby 2: curemore / 90's splash! / foolby / rose new @rewind event
hairtanglers: curemore / 90's splash! / hairtanglers / mint new @rewind event
brick game: curemore / 90's splash! / brick game (rose) new @rewind event
collar: astralia - bibbidi bobbidi boo necklace new @enchantment

troll doll: disorderly. / flashback / troll doll / rare new @rewind event
smacker doodles: disorderly. / flashback / smacker doodles new @rewind event
jelly bracelets: disorderly. / flashback / jelly bracelets new @rewind event
magazine stack: disorderly. / flashback / magazine stack new @rewind event
discman: disorderly. / flashback / discman / pink new @rewind event
couch: ariskea [as if ] lips couch [pink] new @rewind event
light decor : ariskea [as if ] 1990 neon sign new @rewind event
pillow: ariskea [as if ] 90s smiley pillow new @rewind event
corn: [lj] slumber party - cheezy corn
vhs: [lj] slumber party - slumbervision vhs - 80s rare
kola cup: [lj] slumber party - kawaii kola cup (extra)
bottle: [lj] slumber party - mtn buzz bottle (extra)


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