❀ kitsune ❀」

details of the picture: 
skin applier: insol: mashell's secrets #rare
hair: sintiklia - hair hair jane new @seasons story

kimono: *tentacio* kitsune - kimono new @lootbox
mask: *tentacio* kitsune - mask new @lootbox
top: *tentacio* kitsune - top new @lootbox

cake: 23, [[rh]] -izayoi- maccha cake
zabuton: 14, [[rh]] -izayoi- zabuton (red)
sugar and milk: 22, [[rh]] -izayoi- suger & milk
red side table: 13 [[rh]] holiday cafe-side table with net (red)
amazake: 25. [[rh]] chaya-gacha (amazake) red and white
plant: 9, [[rh]] -izayoi- plant (red)
couch: kalopsia - bibi's couch


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