❀ singing all alone ❀」

details of the picture:
skin applier: more more jade


record shelf: 22769 - the record shop - record shelf - common new @the epiphany
vending machine: 22769 - the record store - vending machine - common new @the epiphany
record display: 22769 - the record shop - record display - common new @the epiphany
karaoke: peaches 'n cream - cesp - karaoke black new @the epiphany
pizza and soda: peaches 'n cream - cesp -pizza & soda new @the epiphany
pizza: peaches 'n cream - cesp -pizza new @the epiphany
magazine: peaches 'n cream - cesp -saucy magazine new @the epiphany
video games: peaches 'n cream - cesp - video games new @the epiphany
soda cans: peaches 'n cream - cesp -soda cans new @the epiphany


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