❀ hot, hot, hot ❀」

details of the picture:
skin applier: more more jade


kitchen built: miwa's airship# sunlight kitchen house rare new @the arcade
cinnamon rolls: miwa's airship# cinnamon rolls new @the arcade
counter: miwa's airship# kitchen counter new @the arcade
bird 1: +half-deer+ birbies - king juicy new @the arcade
bird 2: +half-deer+ birbies - lemon-lime new @the arcade
bird 3: +half-deer+ birbies - beach bobbler new @the arcade
geese: 17_8f8 - new beginnings - geese
cupboard: 23_8f8 - new beginnings - hanging cupboard
apple pie: apple fall neva's fresh apple pie
comb jar: apple fall comb jar
juice: 30 - 8f8 - green grocers - carrot juice


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