❀ summer specials ❀」

details of the picture:
skin applier: more more kiyo new @okinawa summer festival
hair: .olive. the peach hair new @c88

short: {vincue} mini+kinie ~ shorts new @kawaii project
flowers: [la baguette] my sweet flowers // face new @summerfest

built: kraftwork beach burger shack new @knot&co
lanterns 1: sway's [on the beach] lantern counterpart . rose
lanterns 2:sway's [on the beach] lantern parallel . sunshine
lanterns 3: sway's [on the beach] lantern counterpart . natural
drink 1: sway's [on the beach] coconut drink
drink 2: sway's [on the beach] pineapple drink
ice cream: *tentacio* summer love - choco death new @the season's story
bird 1: +half-deer+ birbies - beach bobbler
bird 2: +half-deer+ birbies - king juicy


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