❀ toscana's lunch ❀」

table, chair, lights and vases: tarte. farmhouse dining collection - assembled new @collabor88
frames: disorderly. / lightly rustic / frames new @collabor88
plant 1: 7. a n e decor - desert set - plant a new @the epiphany
plant 2: 9. a n e decor - desert set - plant c new @the epiphany
books 1: [kres] the sakura study - 15 - c/m new @the epiphany
cactus: 8. a n e decor - desert set - plant b new @the epiphany
water pitcher: 09 fancy decor: water pitcher
snacks tray: 03 fancy decor: three tiered snack tray rare
candle: 07 fancy decor: elegant candle
decanter: 06 fancy decor: wine decanter
silverware: 11 fancy decor: silverware
dessert tray: 04 fancy decor: two tiered dessert tray
apple pie: apple fall neva's fresh apple pie
elderflower: apple fall elderflower cordial


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