❀ i don't feel like doing anything ❀」

details of the picture:
skin applier: vco ~ bana skin appliers . catwa 001 new @the arcade
hair: vco ~ bana hair _ rare new @the arcade

pajamas: chu-ing. please senpai. rare a new @the arcade

cat 2: c l a vv. cat cafe - relaxed cat~ new @the arcade
cat 3: c l a vv. cat cafe - on shoulders new @the arcade
plushie 2: ::axix:: arcadequeen plushie prize [life] new @the arcade
bag: *tentacio* summer festival bag new @the arcade
summer sign: *tentacio* summer festival bouquet new @the arcade
juice: ::axix:: arcadequeen peach juice new @the arcade
bagel and tablet: *tentacio* bagel time new @the arcade
curtains: {moss&mink} sweet retreat - backdrop white
monitor: [atomic] gacha // be magical - monitor
keyboard and mouse: [atomic] gacha // be magical - keyboard+mouse
lamp: [atomic] gacha // be magical - unicorn fart lamp
shelf deco: [atomic] gacha // be magical - shelf deco 1
coffee: [atomic] gacha // be magical - energy boost
desk: [atomic] gacha // be magical - desk rare
game: wednesday[+] ~ crystal life ~ gamegirl - common
tv: wednesday[+] ~ crystal life ~ tv - rare
garland: {moss&mink} magical garland
frame 1: ariskea[petiteparis 2] paris je taime frame
frame 2: toiz. (2) i'm pink frame
cart: +half-deer+ hot chocolate bar cart - all (linked)
wardrobe: {moss&mink} sweet retreat - wardrobe
bed: {moss&mink} sweet retreat - bed (pg)


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