It was a way of recognizing places of enchantment: people falling asleep like this

beignets: dahlia - bayou - steaming beignets 1 new @enchantment
honey jar: dahlia - bayou - honey jar 1 new @enchantment
firefly jar: dahlia - bayou - firefly jar new @enchantment
sugar sifter: dahlia - bayou - sugar sifter - copper new @enchantment
empty jar: dahlia - bayou - empty jar new @enchantment
table: dahlia - bayou - storage table new @enchantment
hanging jars: dahlia - bayou - firefly jar - hanging - long new @enchantment
candle bucket 1: acorn fish candle bucket -sand new @fameshed go
single piling: acorn single piling new @fameshed go
candle bucket 2: acorn fish candle bucket -sky new @fameshed go


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