I am nothing but oxygen and hydrogen, a luminous sphere of plasma held together by helium and gravity

details of the picture:
skin applier: [glam affair] dee applier [ catwa ] - 006
hair: tableau vivant \\ falling hair - shortfall

jacket: spirit - helly jacket [maitreya] rare new @the arcade
skirt: spirit - helly skirt [maitreya] new @the arcade

tombstone: (milk motion) tombstone 11 new @the arcade
tomb 1: (milk motion) tomb 1 new @the arcade
tomb 2: 22769 - opulent gravestone - common new @the arcade
tomb 3: (milk motion) tombstone 1a new @the arcade
tomb 4: (milk motion) tombstone 2b new @the arcade
tomb 5: (milk motion) tombstone 3c new @the arcade
lamppost: (milk motion) lamppost new @the arcade
gravestone: 22769 - obilisk gravestone - common new @the arcade


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