Show me your secret and tell me your name

details of the picture:
skin applier: tres beau makeup catwa bae (champagne)

shirt: caboodle - aris cropped sweatshirt - maitreya new @notice me, santapai
top: caboodle - aris bra - maitreya new @notice me, santapai

cabinet: 26.drd mm2 cabinet rare c/m
junk: 23.drd mm2 tito's pile of junk c/m
birdcage: disorderly. / forgotten / birdcage / hands
dolls: 22.drd mm2 pile of dolls c/m
chairs: disorderly. / forgotten / chairs / exclusive
cardboard box: disorderly. / forgotten / cardboard box / arms
chair with pose:amitie mademoiselle chair fem


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