We had found treasure, how sinister and how correct

details of the picture:
skin applier: [glam affair] dee applier [ catwa ] 006
hair: #taketomiwest - mandy (s;multistyler) new @access event

sweater and skirt: osmia - brittany.gacha - outfit - maitreya new @the epiphany
headband: bleich - xmas '89 - headband santa new @the arcade

snowman: 22.sese_winter ice rink - snowman new @the arcade
board: 26.sese_winter ice rink - board new @the arcade
table: 25.sese_winter ice rink - table new @the arcade
waffle reindeer: 5.sese_winter ice rink - waffle reindeer new @the arcade
cup reindeer: 18.sese_winter ice rink - cup reindeer new @the arcade
lamp: 27.sese_winter ice rink - lamp new @the arcade
thermos 1: 1. dynasty - cozy winter - closed thermos new @the epiphany
thermos 2: 2. dynasty - cozy winter - opened thermos new @the epiphany


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