All that money, the money is the motive

details of the picture:
skin applier: [glam affair] maya applier [ catwa ] new @access

access pass: .daydream. all access pass soon @the epiphany
face jewel: .daydream. under-eye & eye corner face jewels soon @the epiphany
sneakers: equal - lee sneakers [mait.] new @access

building: foxcity. kream gacha - fully assembled build (70li) (rez) soon @the epiphany
oven: foxcity. kream gacha - dough oven rare soon @the epiphany
table and chair: foxcity. kream gacha - 6 - table & chair (common) soon @the epiphany
cash sign: foxcity. kream gacha - 2 - ca$h neon (common) soon @the epiphany
bags sign: foxcity. kream gacha - 3 - bag$ neon (common) soon @the epiphany
fridge: foxcity. kream gacha - stacked fridge rare soon @the epiphany


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